Firefox & SeaMonkey

Switching from Firefox to SeaMonkey

Hi, Jez here. Switching from Firefox to SeaMonkey as your main browser (and keeping a Firefox 3-like interface) is pretty straightforward. Here's a list of steps:

  1. Download the appropriate version of SeaMonkey for your platform at the SeaMonkey site.
  2. Open up Firefox, and export your Firefox bookmarks by going to the bookmarks manager (or "library") and selecting "Import and Backup | Export Bookmarks to HTML". Export them to a file like myBookmarks.html.
  3. Open up SeaMonkey, and import your bookmarks by going into the bookmarks manager (this should always open when you press Ctrl+B in SeaMonkey). Select "Tools | Import HTML", and select your Firefox exported bookmarks file like myBookmarks.html.
  4. The exported bookmarks should be added to the end of your existing SeaMonkey bookmarks in the "Bookmarks Menu" section. You can now arrange the bookmarks as you'd like in the bookmarks manager.
  5. Install the Firefox 3 theme for SeaMonkey into SeaMonkey, and enable it to be used as the current theme.
  6. Install the MonkeyFix extension into SeaMonkey.
  7. Rearrange the toolbar in SeaMonkey to look and feel as you want by right-clicking on it and selecting "Customize".
  8. Add the MonkeyFix button to the toolbar (this can be removed later) and select "General 'MonkeyFix' configuration" from its dropdown menu.
  9. Further tweak the look and feel of SeaMonkey (like making the Home button non-draggable or removing the close button at the right of the tab bar) in the MonkeyFix options dialog (I recommend going through each "Further configuration" section and clicking "Reset to defaults", then applying the changes, to get some reasonable defaults).

At this point you should have something that looks and feels a lot like Firefox 3, but with the latest features of the Gecko rendering engine. You can of course further tweak the look and feel as you desire with the inbuilt browser customizability and the MonkeyFix extension. I'm always interested in hearing any further suggestions for changes to the browser that people would like to see, so if you have any new ideas for additions to the MonkeyFix extension (or notice any bugs), don't hesitate to contact me.