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The Random Password Generator - screenshot

The Random Password Generator

The Random Password Generator allows you to quickly and easily generate passwords according to the style and length you desire.

Basic password generation is done by selecting the "Simple" tab and clicking "Start generating". Random passwords will keep being generated in the box below whose length is specified in the box at the top. You can select which combination of capitals, lowercase letters, and numbers will be included in the output password. At any time you can copy the password to the clipboard with the copy to clipboard button.

You can also switch to the "Advanced" tab to use advanced password generation mode. This allows you to optionally specify a random seed on which to base generation, as well as a password format string which allows control over the precise format of the password generated. Password generation, again, is started by clicking on the "Start generating" button, and the password can be copied to the clipboard at any time.

The Random Password Generator is distributed under the GNU General Public License, V3.

Download The Random Password Generator | Github repo